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We believe that

  • In its ideal form, blockchains, and distributed ledger technologies in general, should have intrinsic technical qualities such as decentralization, transparency, immutability, pseudonymity, verifiability and security
  • These qualities hold the promise of realizing ethical values that will be increasingly important in the digital world of tomorrow
  • Critical ethical values are improvement of trust among anonymous peers, privacy, personal (data) sovereignty, open innovation, economic balance in open markets, borderless organization and trade by diminishing central points of failure
  • The world needs leadership on what are ethical blockchain technologies and governance models
  • These qualities hold the promise of realizing ethical values that will be increasingly important in the digital world of tomorrow
  • We lack reliable insights into the impact of blockchain and distributed economies
  • We need guidelines for establishing these intrinsic technical qualities
  • Technical qualities are a means to an end. We acknowledge that the realization of blockchain-driven applications involves a roadmap in which a certain degree of pragmatism is needed
  • Amsterdam should physically host this leadership. The Netherlands is known for innovation (currently 2nd in the Global Innovation Index) and our ‘poldermodel’ is a great base for providing ethical leadership
  • Blockchain is not a stand-alone technology, it is always part of a broader technology stack
  • Blockchain, mainly public blockchain, is disrupting governance models. This triggers many questions about the future of governance models and power structures

We serve

Governments, organisations and companies that want to use our services to build a more ethical world. We validate ethical objectives of our clients against our design principles. Our clients pay for the services we provide.   

In domains like food, medical, fashion, beauty and education

We don’t work on assignments and projects that harm the world and its people.  

On a non-exclusivity basis. Members are free to pursue other projects outside the Lab. We have an operational office

We believe and practice transparency. Our decisions are transparent and will use tools like Aragon. We are open source

Founding members


Amsterdam Economic Board


We are

A collective of complementary parties based in Amsterdam, working jointly on an ethical agenda to solve global pressing problems

Inclusive and open to complimentary members

Open and honest in argumentation, pure reasoning based on clear definitions upfront

Not a religious or political organisation, we take an ethical stance by solving problems on project basis

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For contact, please send an email to or reach out to us at the address below

Amsterdam Blockchain Lab
Science Park 608-B4
1098 XH Amsterdam
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